OneStake Finance

Protocol Functions

Aggregating APRs among the whitelisted protocols

Every 4 hours, OneStake analyzes the current APR for all assets of all whitelisted protocols.

Allocate pool capital among protocols to achieve ideal APR.

After all, APRs are known, the protocol decides how to distribute the current capital in the pool between the protocols. For this, the protocol analyzes several parameters such as TVL of pools, volatility of rewards tokens, and future changes in the number of rewards in the pool.

Reinvesting Rewards

Every 2 hours, the protocol collects all rewards from all used protocols, sells them, and reinvests them.

Increase maximum APR by distributing OST in cases of inefficiency

If the current APR is lower than the APR that can be obtained in the case of whitelisting a protocol that is currently on the vote, then OneStake will distribute OST tokens in an amount enough to cover the missing opportunity until the voting is over.
Thus, OneStake profitability will most of the time be the highest available on the DeFi market. Also, it will encourage OST holders to find new protocols that can raise the current OneStake rate and suggest them for voting.