OneStake Finance

Cross-chain staking

OneStake Finance v2
So, the first version of OneStake allows to get the highest APR among the whole DeFi market within the Ethereum ecosystem. OneStake will become the most useful DeFi protocol that will bind the best yield protocols together. But despite all of this, OneStake still has limitation cause it works only on one chain. OneStake Finance v2 will change it forever.

What is cross-chain staking?

The current multi-chain protocols just deploy the same contracts on other chains and in such way they become multichain protocols. OneStake v2 will use another cross-chain mechanics.
Graph will abstract interactions across blockchains by using existing bridges and integrating with emerging cross-chain lending protocols and decentralized exchanges. In such way, investors will be able to stake stables in iUSD pool on Ethereum Chain and it will be automatically bridged on Terra Chain and staked in the pool with the highest APR.
By launching OneStake Finance v2 it will be connected with: